HTML Edit Control

Add this software to your .NET application, to render and to let end users edit XHTML-formatted text.

This is the most functional, fully managed HTML edit control for Windows Forms. It is light-weight, self-contained, and secure, with no dependencies on unmanaged code nor on browsers like Internet Explorer and Mozilla.

Compared with other editors, this edit control can be:

Users who create text will often want formatted text. XHTML is a great format. This WYSIWYM (What You See Is What You Mean) editor lets users create clean, semantic XHTML using a simple, well-known Windows editing GUI.
100% Managed Code
The HTML edit control is easy to install: it supports XCopy-style deployment. It doesn't depend on browsers or unmanaged code, or any code except the .NET framework. It minimizes security risks, and it can run in the "Internet" security zone with minimal permissions.
Sample Output
Click here for an example of the XHTML which end users can create using this control.
User Interfaces
Built-in user interfaces include standard keyboard and mouse operations, a toolbar, dialogs to edit hyperlinks and tables, and the clipboard to copy and paste text. You can also use the API, to extend the UI.
The control is fast, well tested, extensible, inexpensive, and intuitive to use.
The API is (a subset of) the W3C DOM, Range, and Event APIs. The API lets you read and edit the XHTML in the control; interact with the end user's selection; and install event handlers which interact with the toolbar, keyboard and mouse events.
The control renders most types of XHTML element. The built-in WYSIWYM editor UI creates a subset of these elements; and you can use the API to extend this UI and create other elements. The CSS parser supports the standard stylesheet syntax, and the renderer supports the more important CSS properties.
Support and Licensing
ModelText is closed source freeware, with limited support.
This page links to the latest version, and includes the release notes for every version.

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August 2012
New Product Roadmap.
October 2011
"Finally, a 100% managed .NET code HTML renderer. Only 6 years after I originally wanted it..."
February 2011
New Support and Licensing.
October 2010
Recent comments include:
"nice work. thanks"
"This component works fine."
"this is a fantastic control!"
August 2010
Also released a CSS Parser and Doc to HTML Converter.
June 2010
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June 2010
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January 2010
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