100% Managed Code

The HTML edit control is easy to install: it supports XCopy-style deployment. It doesn't depend on browsers or unmanaged code, or any code except the .NET framework. It minimizes security risks, and it can run in the "Internet" security zone with minimal permissions.

Other editors use JavaScript in a browser, or an ActiveX component.

The ModelText editor, on the other hand, is 100% managed code, with no external dependencies. It does not invoke the web browsers installed on end users' machines, and it does not depend on COM interop, PInvoke, nor any other unmanaged code.


The ModelText HTML edit control is more secure, because it does not inherit the various security problems that come from using standard browsers.


The control is easy to install:

Run-Time Permissions

Because the control uses only managed code, it's doesn't require unusual run-time permissions.

You can even run it using minimal partial trust in the "Internet" security zone, with only a slight limitation in functionality (which is that a control run in the "Internet" security zone cannot access the end user's clipboard).

System Dependencies

The control depends only on various assemblies which are shipped with version 2 (or higher) of the .NET framework, including:

3rd-Party Dependencies

The control has no other external dependencies.

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August 2012
New Product Roadmap.
October 2011
"Finally, a 100% managed .NET code HTML renderer. Only 6 years after I originally wanted it..."
February 2011
New Support and Licensing.
October 2010
Recent comments include:
"nice work. thanks"
"This component works fine."
"this is a fantastic control!"
August 2010
Also released a CSS Parser and Doc to HTML Converter.
June 2010
See Release notes for further updates.
June 2010
Added the Download page.
January 2010
First version of this web site.