Product Roadmap

The following sections list new features, which are scheduled for the next product release.


The list of scheduled features is derived as follows:

These new versions will be released with a commercial license.


  1. The first milestone is releasing the CSS Parser as a commercial product.

    The CSS Parser is chosen as the first milestone, because it's a smaller project than the HTML Edit Control and therefore easier to perfect, and because there has been recent customer demand for it.

  2. The second milestone is releasing the HTML Edit Control as a commercial product.
  3. Future activities after these milestones are complete may include:
    • Implement a new feature from the Product Backlog
    • Improve the marketing
    • Develop another new product (an application)

CSS Parser

The to-do list for this product includes the following items. With an estimated time of 10 weeks, this milestone might be completed this year (2012).

New featureEstimate
Fault tolerant parsing2 weeks
HTML Agility Pack integration1 week
User-extensible property parsing1 week
Improved grammar and comments1 week
Improved API namespace2 days
API to match a standard CSS API?1 day
Newest version of the GOLD Parser1 week
Test using the CSS2.1 Conformance Test Suite2 weeks
Sales and marketingEstimate
Buy Now and Contact Us web pages3 days
Online payment processor2 days
Better product-oriented web pages1 week
Better API diagrams?1 week

HTML Edit Control

These are the new features I will implement for the HTML Edit Control: they are all features which users have asked for.

New featureEstimate
HTML Agility Pack integration2 weeks
User-replaceable toolbar1 week
Support and render <img> elements1 week
Edit inline (as opposed to block) element (support the IE API?)2 weeks
Sales and marketingEstimate
Better product-oriented web pages1 week
Competitive analysis etc.3 days
New icons on the toolbar2 days

Product Backlog

These features are not scheduled, and will be implemented only if you ask for them!

Deferred featureEffort
Compact Framework or WPF1 month
SVG rendering3 weeks
Features to be suggested by a competitive analysisTBD
User-extensible elements (e.g. for SVG, or a media player)2 weeks
JavaScript2 to 8 weeks
Improved rendering (e.g. "float", background images, and Z-order).2 weeks
Insert the W3C Simple API for CSS (SAC) between the parser and the calculator (but not the W3C Document Object Model CSS API, which doesn't look useful or current)2 weeks

The following blog posts warn against a detailed backlog:

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