.NET software components include an HTML editor control, and a CSS parser library.

They are free to download and to use.

Contact the author with inquiries, for support or further development.

HTML Editor

A .NET custom control which displays and lets end users edit HTML.

Easy to use
built-in WYSIWYG Editing UI
Easy to program
convenient .NET APIs
Easy to install, secure
100% Managed Code
Good output
Clean XHTML Output

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CSS Parser

A .NET class library which parses CSS and calculates CSS property values for DOM elements.

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Doc to HTML Converter

A utility which converts Microsoft Word documents to clean XHTML.

  • Preserves structural elements: including headings, links, lists, and tables.
  • Discards all other style and font information, leaving only clean XHTML.
  • Use this to republish a Word document as a web page, which you can style with your own CSS.

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